Pre-printed Thermal Paper Rolls

Paper Smi is a leading supplier of customized pre-printed thermal paper rolls. Pre-printed thermal paper rolls, in our opinion, play a vital part in a business, so we endeavor to assist our clients in solving their difficulties by delivering pre-printed thermal paper rolls at a competitive manufacturer’s price without sacrificing quality.

Pre-printed thermal paper rolls can help minimize fraud and are especially handy for exchanging items, refunding, or holding contests. Furthermore, pre-printed thermal paper rolls may assist a corporation in increasing brand recognition by promoting the company image with a corporate logo or brand name on it.


  • Customization on the uncoated side of Thermal paper
  • Create your brand awareness
  • Great tools for communication between customers
  • High brightness and less dust, superb appearance
  • Super white at least 3 years image life
  • High density on color development, high clarity on printing
  • Well ink absorption could be processed after-printing
  • Minimum friction on a printhead, highly extend printhead life span
  • By high-quality raw materials, strict quality control, and consistent quality



  • Width: 80mm, 57mm, 3-1/8inch, 2-1/4inch, and other dimensions upon request*
  • Diameter: 40mm to 200mm
  • Grammage: 48Gsm, 55Gsm, 60Gsm, 65Gsm, 70Gsm and etc
  • Core (inner/outer): 13mm/21mm, coreless and etc*
  • Packing: 5-10rolls/shrink wrap. 50-100 rolls/box
  • Carton: Standard Brown box or OEM design
  • Delivery: LCL, FCL, Truck, Air and etc
  • Lead time: Subject to customer’s design confirmation

*subject to availability, please send us enquiry

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How do pre-printed thermal paper rolls work?

Pre-printed thermal paper rolls are paper rolls that have been pre-coated or impregnated with special chemicals that react with heat at a specific temperature. When pre-printed thermal paper rolls in a thermal printer pass over the print head, the areas in direct contact with the print head turn black, resulting in an image. Text, images, and barcodes can be printed at high speeds on pre-printed thermal paper rolls.

How long will my image on pre-printed thermal paper rolls last?

Our premium quality pre-printed thermal paper rolls have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Paper of lower quality has a maximum durability of 1 to 2 years. Our papers have been rigorously tested for heat, light, and moisture resistance, as well as durability and print quality. Don't let your image fade. Use only SMI Paper Industry's premium quality thermal paper rolls.

What sort of things can be printed on pre-printed thermal paper rolls?

Company logos, promotions, advertising, special offers, discount coupons, and others can all be printed on pre-printed thermal paper rolls.

What are the key advantages of using pre-printed thermal paper rolls supplied by SMI Paper for receipt printing?

The advantages of using pre-printed thermal paper rolls from SMI Paper include ensuring clear and professional receipt printing, enhancing branding efforts, and creating a lasting impression on customers.

How do pre-printed thermal paper rolls help businesses in enhancing their branding and professionalism?

Pre-printed thermal paper rolls from SMI Paper are designed to include customized branding elements, ensuring that every receipt carries the business's logo and essential information. This enhances the overall professionalism and branding efforts of businesses.

Can you elaborate on how using pre-printed thermal paper rolls from SMI Paper helps in leaving a lasting impression on customers?

Pre-printed thermal paper rolls allow businesses to create visually appealing and professionally branded receipts. This attention to detail can leave a positive and lasting impression on customers, enhancing their overall experience.