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SMI Paper Industry provides the best Thermal paper rolls, Receipt paper rolls, ATM paper rolls, Cash register paper rolls



SMI Paper Industry founded in year 2012. Started as a small paper converter back then, we now are a proud paper converter company in Malaysia. Regardless of sheet form or rolls form, we are the solution for paper industry. We manufacture various kind of paper products eg: Thermal paper, Art card, Box board, Wood free, Simili, Kraft Paper etc. For us, profit is not the only concern. We always strive to contribute to environment issue as well.


SMI Paper Industry provides the best Thermal paper rolls, Receipt paper rolls, ATM paper rolls, Cash register paper rolls


Are thermal paper rolls recyclable?

Sure, why not? As a leading thermal paper rolls supplier, we must carry out our obligations to safeguard the environment. Like any other conventional paper, thermal paper may be recycled if the proper waste system is used. Furthermore, new chemical composition improvements have made thermal receipt paper more ecologically friendly and customer-safe.

What type of paper roll does my printer require?

Our thermal paper rolls factory typically produces four varieties of thermal paper: coreless thermal paper rolls, plain thermal paper rolls, pre-printed thermal paper rolls, and woodfree paper rolls. If you are unsure about the type and size of the thermal paper you are using, please contact us as our thermal paper rolls factory can customize your orders. In addition, we will assist you in identifying the appropriate thermal paper for your printer.

What is the primary application of thermal paper?

Thermal paper is widely utilized as the most delicate point of sale solution, assisting businesses in running sales operations smoothly. We are also a leading receipt paper rolls supplier. We supply high-quality thermal paper rolls, which are frequently used in cash registers, kiosks, credit card terminals, medical transactions, self check out, pay-at-the-pump, and mobile printers.

How does thermal paper work?

Thermal paper is a high-quality paper that has been adequately coated with particular chemicals to offer the best printing results when exposed to heat at a certain temperature. We are the leading receipt paper rolls manufacturer, with over ten years of experience producing thermal paper rolls with high-density color development and printing clarity. The paper is placed into the printer, just like any other printing paper, and assures simple and smooth results when it goes through the print head. After the procedure, the areas in direct contact with the printer head become black, resulting in high-quality pictures, text, or barcodes.